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FPAR – Something More Than Fashion

August 12, 2017

Fashion | by Ross Pollard

FPAR isn’t a label that seeks adoration via the brightly lit shopping centre spaces of mainstream fashion retail. It’s a movement against the fast fashion philosophy and a rejection of the principles of mass consumerism. In a world that at times feels uniform and polished beyond recognition, FPAR have been pushing their thought process for over two decades.

And what a change it is, retaining the DIY feel and sense of the handmade in all their pieces the new collection stands against all that surrounds it. The slogans and prints set on to core garments such as white round-neck tees, simple sweaters and pared-back jackets feel homespun in the best possible sense.

The latest collection fits together in a way that takes what may appear a random assortment and pushes unseen links between them creating a wardrobe for the young, and more importantly, independent of thought.

‘My life is my life’.

It’s not just a slogan, one of the things about FPAR is that they not only have a design philosophy but a manifesto. That manifesto, along with the collection, will chime with many people – a rejection of mass media through personal expression. That’s the genius of this collection, while created to sell, it retains that sense of direct-from-the-sketchpad authenticity the label is known for.

And to quote another of their slogans, if you buy this collection ‘No way am I going to lose’, because it’s not 40% but 100% win from start to finish.

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