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The Future of Men’s Makeup with MMUK MAN

January 20, 2018

Grooming | by Wayne Noir

Is there still a stigma surrounding men wearing makeup? Not with MMUK MAN.

Makeup, whether you love it or hate, it’s been around as long as we have – dating back past even the Egyptians with eyeliners, the English wearing white power and the French wearing rouge. Another example would be how men of aristocracy would wear makeup to lighten their skin during the renaissance.

Candid Magazine MMUK MAN

This got me thinking, when did it change for men wearing makeup? And what’s wrong with men looking their best? We all have bad days, right? Now, with the long hours we work, our stressful jobs and our dating apps, all we want to do is look our very best as often as possible.

So why the stigma with men wearing makeup?

Candid Magazine MMUK MAN

I remember being back in school and I really wanted flawless skin, I was lucky enough not to have loads of spots, but when the odd one did pop up, I used to use the good ol’ witch hazel stick, but only very lightly.

I’ve recently come across a brand that specialises in men’s makeup, MMUK MAN.

It is a brand one that is not only changing the way we see makeup, but how we use it too.

Candid Magazine MMUK MAN

Designed by a man, for the man, and in simple packaging which is clean, neat and tidy, I approached MMUK as I was keen to try it out on myself. With products for the everyday modern man that are quick and easy to use, all I had to do my side was send off an image of my face to their head makeup artist so they could match my skin tone with their colour pallet and that was it. The next day I received a concealer stick, the Pro Finish Foundation and the MAN Beard Filler. So simple, really useful and just three easy products.

Cover photo by Joe Simpson, backstage at the spring/summer 2018 Maison Mihara Yasuhiro catwalk show.

All MMUK MAN makeup imagery by Wayne Noir.

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