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GANT Revamps Gramps

November 2, 2017

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

When you think of GANT, your mind might wander off to Father’s Day, or to the thoughts of what to buy your grandfather for Christmas. Undeniably that has for long been their main market, but with so much more to discover, GANT takes us beyond the cosy sweaters and leads us back into where it all began, that is, in the preppy college fashion on the American East Coast.

GANT Candid Magazine

The brand itself is divided into different collections, which all share the same heritage, but have a bit different view on it. When it comes to the main label, GANT, they want to take us on a getaway this autumn. Whether the getaway is physical or mental, you return to your metropolitan world refreshed and with new perspectives.

GANT Candid Magazine

This collection has been created with everyday performance and functionality in mind. Colourful, sporty and ideal for an active lifestyle, the collection is designed for all kinds of autumn activities, both outdoor and indoor. It includes preppy daywear for your back-to-work wardrobe, to activewear suitable for social winter sports, and occasion wear for festive family gatherings.

GANT Candid Magazine

The GANT Diamond G collection, on the other hand, draws inspiration from the work of Albanian-American photographer Gjon Mili. Mili was a pioneer in the use of stroboscopic instruments to capture a sequence of actions in one photograph. His way of portraying movement in his work connects with GANT Diamond G’s way of expressing an active, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The collection is designed for the commute between, say, an upstate New York residence and the city office, taking in stops along the way at the gym and a restaurant for dinner after work.

GANT Candid Magazine

Thirdly, we have GANT Rugger, which this season is inspired by lifelong learning – especially at the artistic hub that is the Mojave Sands Motel in; California. A place of constant creativity, the motel hosts summer courses in art and music, with the dramatic backdrop of the Joshua Tree National Park providing ample inspiration. The collectionpresents a modern, preppy-utilty aesthetic, especially evident in the overshirts and chinos.

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