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It’s All Gobbles And Cheers With Wild Turkey’s 101 Guide To Celebrating Old Fashioned Week

November 6, 2017

Food & Drink | by Harry Mills

For almost every occasion there appears to be an international day for this, a national week for that and however tedious each celebration might be; one definitely worth celebrating is Wild Turkey’s 101 Old Fashioned Week!

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For those less familiar with an Old Fashioned cocktail, it’s been said that bartender and esteemed bourbon aristocrat, James E. Pepper was first to have invented the drink in Louisville, Kentucky before taking the recipe 738 miles to the east coast, New York City. It was in New York City the cocktail came into fruition at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar.

The name refers most commonly to the glassware from which it served, old fashioned. Making an Old Fashioned is quite straight forward, combine whisky, sugar and bitters before shaking over ice and garnishing with a simple orange twist.

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Wild Turkey, is the Official Bourbon of this year’s Old Fashioned Week and to celebrate they’re hosting a line-up of bourbon-based events across the country celebrating the world’s most popular cocktail*. In addition to guided tours, turkey hunts and the chance of winning a trip to Kentucky, from November 2nd – 11th, Old Fashioned fans can gobble up the sweet taste of real Kentucky in Edinburgh, Manchester and London, plus a discerning grooming experience with Murdock London.

We were lucky enough to experience two of 101 Wild Turkey’s Old Fashioned week activities, the first  was  at Murdock London, grooming specialists for gentlemen of good taste. We sat back and relaxed with of course an Old Fashioned in hand before taking to the chair for a tidy-up by one of Murdock’s barbers.  Enjoy an expert wet-shave, beard trim or haircut from the 4th – 11th November, did we mention Old Fashioned’s are involved?

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Wild Turkey is an authentic American bourbon which has its home in Lawrenceburg, the heart of real Kentucky, so it’s only fitting that a 101 Wild Turkey tours should take place in the heart of London, Soho!

With an opportunity to visit three great bars and learn the making of three twists on the Old Fashioned cocktail, by some of the best movers and shakers in the industry, how could anyone say no? As you’re guided from bar to bar you will learn the history behind Wild Turkey’s Master Distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russel, the world’s only active father/son duo with just shy of 100 years of bourbon making experience between them; of course you get to drink the fruits of their labour too!

Wild Turkey Candid Magazine

So, don’t get muddled over muddling or in a twist over the twist, and instead learn how to make the perfect Old Fashioned from the experts.

For the Old Fashioned loving hermits, treat yourself to this full-proof 101 Wild Turkey Old Fashioned recipe:

Wild Turkey Candid Magazine

101 Old Fashioned recipe:
50ml Wild Turkey 101
2 dashes Angostura bitters
10 ml Sugar Syrup
Garnish with a thick slice of orange peel
Pour the sugar syrup, bitters and part of the whiskey into a rocks glass. In a mixing glass, add the
remaining whiskey and ice, stir and strain over fresh ice or an ice block. Garnish with an orange

Complete your Old Fashioned Week with a Taste of Real Kentucky as Wild Turkey 101 takes over the first floor at Ten Bells on Friday (10th November). For just £10 per person, enjoy two Old Fashioneds from the Wild Turkey Piano Bar accompanied by that sweet, sweet bluegrass being played live throughout the evening. Choose from the classic or mix it up with any of the three special Ten Bells twisted Wild Turkey 101 Old FashionedsTaste of Real Kentucky at Ten Bells costs £10pp and includes two Old Fashioneds then £5 each.

For further details about tickets, timings and bars taking part in The 101 Turkey Hunt and The 101
Guided Turkey Tours at Old Fashioned Week, see here.

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