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Gola Continues Proud Tradition Of Logomania

August 17, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Logomania just doesn’t have any end in sight. One who is not bothered by the fact is our logo-frenetic Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, who takes us on tour with brand that keeps reinventing itself, Gola.

Founded in Britain in 1905, Gola is a sports brand with real heritage and is a brand heavily engrained in the sporting world, especially football. Never having been a huge fan of sports, I sometimes wonder how sportswear has stuck to me so heavily. After reading this you should understand why sportswear is here to stay – whether it’s on the pitch or on the red carpet, so let’s embrace it.


‘Gola means Goals’, was the first advertising campaign launched by Gola in the 1930s. It highlighted the quality of their boots. Manufacturing of football boots at that time was worlds apart from what we see today, with some boots constructed entirely from leather and nails!


The 1960s saw a real focus from Gola on sports ranges, the advertising slogan ‘Great British Sports Shoes’ was adopted. This led to the sponsorship of football players and other sports stars such as Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and Peter Shilton. In 1965, Shankly took his Liverpool side to the Gola factory on the way to the FA Cup final at Wembley to pick up some new boots, with Liverpool beating Leeds United 2 – 1 on the day. Continuing with legendary names in football, England’s World Cup winning manager, Sir Alf Ramsey, was on the board of directors and acted as an ambassador for the brand in the early part of 70s.


Also, in the 1970s, Gola supplied training kits to Manchester United, as well as launching the Mark Cox Tennis collection, the Barry John Rugby range and the Alan Knott Cricket range. They sponsored the Conference (now known as the National League), in the mid-1980’s and the league became known as the Gola League during this time, further deepening Gola’s footballing roots.


The Gola Classics line was created in 2000, building on the brands heritage but more fashion orientated rather than sports performance and five years later, they celebrated its centenary. The Made in England collection was launched in 2013, helping to return the brand to its British manufacturing foundation. They reintroduced several original styles from the 70s, including the Bullet which was originally launched in 1976 as a multi-purpose training shoe. In 2018, Gola celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its flagship style Harrier with the launch of a limited edition collection based on the original 1968 Harrier silhouette.


Now that we know the history behind one of the world’s most classic and genuine sportswear brands, it might be easier for other not-that-into-sports guys to realise and understand why sportswear belongs right up there alongside other iconic pieces.

To check out more of Gola’s collection, head over to their website.

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