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Harrys: Footwear’s Balancing Act

May 14, 2016

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

For the last couple of years, the male consumer has increasingly shown an openness to experiment and improve their wardrobe choices, particularly regarding footwear as the men’s category has doubled the rate in growth compared with women’s shoes, reports CNBC. Although not everyone is willing to go as eccentric as the collection from Saint Laurent, the key to making it big in the market is by finding that balance between style and comfort. With the heavy focus on wearability in the industry, several shoe companies have returned to the spotlight for successfully building a brand on functionality as well as prestige, essentially creating luxury footwear that’s also easy to wear. Harrys of London is one such brand and hails from the rich Belgravia district of the capital according to international fashion retailer, Lyst. Launched back in 2001, the brand is celebrated for incorporating a British twist to its products, combining heritage with the latest footwear technologies to suit the lifestyle of the modern man.

Photography courtesy of luxurylondon.co.uk
Photography courtesy of luxurylondon.co.uk

The footwear demands of a male Londoner: a blend of sophistication for business endeavours and formal affairs, and the comfort of your favorite sneakers, created to withstand the wear and tear from everyday use and erratic climate conditions. Notoriously known for its dreary rain, the English capital begs for water and scratch-resistant shoes, which CEO Steven Newey explains is the basis of the company’s innovative tech leather. For better traction, the footwear also contains rubber soles adapted from windsurfing footwear.

London isn’t the only place that men are wearing their Harrys. The smart construction of the shoe has spoken loudly in fashion capitals such as New York City and opening several stores in the Middle East. In addition to the shoes, the new store locations will also be selling their innovative collection of bags and luggage, finely tailored with the same practical leather technology as the brogues, lace-up boots and others.

All stores are set to open by the end of 2016.