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Haute Cuisine and Hybrid Zoom in Paris

April 16, 2019

LifestyleRestaurants & BarsTechnology | by Annie Biziou

Huawei celebrates the launch of their P30 Series with a decadent tasting menu at La Liste’s ‘Best Restaurant in the World’.

A man stands before me holding a tray laden with three of the most enormous roast chickens I have ever seen. I can’t decide whether to marvel at the waiter’s brute strength or fawn over the crispy caramel consistency of the chicken skin and anxiously hope that it tastes as good as it looks. Luckily for us, we’re dining at the ‘best restaurant in the world’ (voted by La Liste in 2019, multiple years in a row), so it’s unlikely to fall short of expectation.

We’re holed up in a private dining room at Guy Savoy’s legendary three Michelin star outpost in Paris to celebrate Huawei’s latest phone launch – the P30 Series. Hours earlier, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Group stood before us at the press conference and announced that the new device would “bring us the moon” with their latest Leica lens technology – think 10X hybrid zoom and advanced night vision with a superspectrum sensor that contributes 40% increased light. And indeed, contrary to those washed out blurry night sky shots we’re used to taking with a phone, we can confirm that the Huawei P30 Series does actually frame a crisp, cratered capture of earth’s only permanent satellite. 

Rewrite the rules of photographyis rather a bold catchphrase for a phone, but on putting it to the test, the P30 Pro’s Leica Quad Camera System, with its 40 MP super sensing camera and 20 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, delivers really quite spectacularly in low light conditions. Enhanced long exposure, backlight neutralising and an impressive macro lens add to the package – not to mention the 32 MP front camera designed for the perfect selfie.

Back to the matter at hand – dinner – during which we are quite disrespectfully hovering the Huawei P30 Pro over each and every elegant dish. We’ve come nigh on straight from the press conference (thanks to the Chinese President’s sudden descent on Paris and the subsequent closing of just about every road in town), with a necessary pit stop to taste a variety of champagnes at Dillettantes, a local cellar stocked with a plethora of under-the-radar blends.

The entrance to Guy Savoy is grander than grand, with a red carpet leading up into the historical Monnaie de Paris building. Setting aside, it would be rude not to acknowledge the bread, if only because it is sourced from boulangerie maestro Eric Kayser – and so naturally we must get through a good few kilos of the stuff. The menu goes on for some time; to start there’s lobster, avocado and grapefruit seasoned with Timut pepper, obscured compellingly beneath a grapefruit shell of sorts. And then, skate wing with oyster and Breton-style ragout. 

Sound like we’re ready for dessert yet? Not so; oven-baked John Dory with a shellfish parcel is next, and then artichoke soup with black truffle and truffled mushroom brioche (in our eyes, the highlight). And finally – in the savoury department – that show-stopping stuffed roast chicken served with a medley of vegetables. The menu is paired – in true style – with fine French wines, namely Lancelot-Pienne Champagne, Domaine Josmeyer Riseling, Domaine Au pied du Mont Chave Puligny-Montrachet and finally Domaine Capitain-Gagnerot Corton-Renardes.

Truffled mushroom brioche aside, dessert is perhaps most impressive of all, for it seems destined never to end. After a palate cleanser comes a frosted coconut and pineapple delice, then teeny tiny macaroons in all colours of the rainbow and miniscule chocolate Florentines studded with hazelnuts. And just when we think it’s all over, we’re sent on our way with a beautifully packaged brioche – breakfast for one.

It turns out the only thing Guy Savoy failed to consider in his painstakingly curated dining odyssey is that when you’ve eaten your body weight twice over in fine food, you’re going to need a lie-down, stat. Where to stretch out when you’re so full you can barely breathe? We’re ferried to Hotel de Sers, niftily located between the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower – perfect for an early morning walk along the Seine to try and work off some of the night’s calories. For something swankier; Four Seasons George V is around the corner, or trendier; The Hoxton. Rumour has it Soho House is opening a Parisian outpost this year too.

For more information on the Huawei P30 Series, see here.