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Herschel Looks Forward With Calpurnia

September 26, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Herschel Supply have just launched their autumn/winter 2018 campaign entitled Look Forward.

Have you forgotten Stranger Things? We for sure haven’t, our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt hasn’t and neither has Herschel.

Celebrating the optimistic and future-focused youth of today, thirteen young adults with diverse creative interests share their personal stories, passions and outlooks through a thoughtfully produced video series. Among the personalities is singer Finn Wolfhard’s band (Calpurnia), known for his starring role in the hit series Stranger Things.

Autumn/winter styles can be seen throughout the video including the coveted backpack Nova, in addition to new insulated pieces from the apparel category.

Calpurnia is tearing through the early days of an indie-rock band with ease. United in writing original songs and playing to electric crowds, the Vancouver-based foursome has released their debut EP, Scout on Royal Mountain Records. Their momentum continues with a full schedule of recordings and international gigs and festivals – while still in school.


Whereas some of us reading this might not be in school anymore, there are plenty of styles to go for in Herschel’s autumn/winter 2018 collection. I know I’d like to sign up for some college studies, start a band, or both, just to get into that youthful innocence Calpurnia holds. I guess I could start by getting a backpack.


Beginnings are always within reach, whether they’re found in the classroom or exploring the city. Hope for tomorrow can shape our identity and shift perspectives beyond ourselves. This campaign might be a back-to-school campaign, but what it really is about is looking forward and having fun along the way, because the future is just getting started. I might be a little older than those kids, but it certainly inspired me to rethink my life, and who knows, I might enrol in a school again.


To see the collection, visit Herschel’s website, here.

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