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Hidden Amongst The Rooftops Of Oxford Street, Woody Bear

November 25, 2017

Restaurants & Bars | by Baldwin Ho

Escape the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street this Christmas at Woody Bear –

If you see a long queue at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street this Christmas, it probably isn’t early sales at Selfridges but more likely to be a queue of knowledgeable insiders who are hoping to enter the latest winter pop-up this festive season, Woody Bear. It has an unassuming entrance and stairs that demand a certain level of fitness until you reach this promised nirvana.

Candid Magazine Woody Bear

However, all your efforts are paid back immediately once you enter this expertly designed wonderland designed by the DENLDN team. The theme is a discarded urban fairground where your dreams can run wild. The atmosphere has been vividly brought to life with retro-fairground ride booths, swings and fairy lights aplenty. There is a mouthwatering cheese-melt shack along with mixed log tables, heaters (yes, even some of the seats are heated) and also blankets to keep you warm whilst you gaze into the London skyline.

Candid Magazine Woody Bear

Cheese fans will be in food heaven with the presence of Madame & Monsieur, who are specialty croque-monsieur street food vendors. We tried the vegetarian-friendly, Le Welsh, which used dreamy Red Leicester with Rarebit Marmalade. Whilst the cheese is similar to cheddar, it does have a milder flavour which doesn’t impact on the taste of your cocktails whilst keeping you satiated and warm.

Candid Magazine Woody Bear

They are also keen to support local produce, so they offer a Bermondsey raclette from Kappacasein. Whilst the smell might be pungent, it is the kind of smell that will warm your cockles this Christmas. It has a creamy consistency, a slightly piquant taste and was served with potatoes, Jambon de Montagne, pickles and sauerkraut.

Candid Magazine Woody Bear

The cocktail list isn’t particularly lengthy but well-curated to provide a contrast for guests with varying tastes. We particularly enjoyed the smokin’ goat fizz, which had a refreshing mix of Bulldog gin, mezcal, lemon and creme de figue with the latter fig liqueur giving it a particularly distinctive taste.

They are clearly experts in unusual liqueurs, as the Lickety-split used Cynar, which is an Italian bitter liqueur made from 13 herbs and plants and in particular has a very strong artichoke taste. The cocktail also came with Aperol, Appleton signature, tea and lime.

Candid Magazine Woody Bear

If you one of those drinkers that despise the bar queues, you can buy some coins on your first visit and use them in their quaint-looking cocktail machine which dispenses old-fashioned or a classic Negroni.

The venue holds up to 100 guests but judging by the long queues we saw as we left this winter pop-up, this is one venue, you are well-advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

For more information on Woody Bear, see here.

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