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Janosch Amstutz – The Man Behind HoloMe

July 10, 2018

Technology | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Janosch Amstutz is a man with a vision. Many visions to be exact. Right now, Janosch is reinventing how we see fashion with his augmented reality technology called HoloMe which brings holograms to you, straight from your phone. Our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt had a brief encounter with Janosch Amstutz to see what drives this man into changing our shopping behaviour as well as how we look at fashion.

First off, let’s see what HoloMe actually is. Noticing how online experiences can often become passive and lack engagement, the twenty-nine year old wanted to bring the excitement back to the everyday digital. The augmented reality technology gives users a futuristic experience that most people would only expect to see in movies. Instead of heading to the cinema, HoloMe works on your screen and brings the action to the palm of your hand.HoloMe

For those of us who are into fashion, HoloMe revolutionizes our way of perceiving it. Having recently collaborated with the H&M extension Monki, the app allowed shoppers to see the pieces in motion on real models that they could project into their own space. They could walk right up to the model to get a better feel for the fabric, the fit and the flow. This is something that can be used in numerous contexts. Imagine bringing all the shows of a fashion week straight to your living room for example.


Janosch is quite frank about what drives and motivates him. Of course, he loves what he is doing, but ultimately, he wants to be able to enjoy life to the fullest while he’s still vital. Having lost his mother at a young age, feeling she never had the chance to fully enjoy her life, he intends to retire before he is forty. Whether or not he will want to retire that early remains to be seen, but he is surely going to revolutionise the way we see, feel and experience fashion in numerous way and we are keen to follow him on his journey.


To see how HoloMe works, check out the video below.

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