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House of Peroni – Where Italian Art and Food Collide

June 17, 2016

ArtsGroup Exhibition | by Harry Seymour

Everyone knows that Italy is the country of taste and style. It’s widely recognised for its art and design, and now the Italian beer company Peroni, has bought a flavour of that to a corner of East London along the canal for the summer. The maestro of style Margherita Missoni who is part of the fashion dynasty that is the House of Missoni has overseen the project, bringing her signature flair to sunny Dalston. The House of Peroni is part restaurant, part bar, part gallery and design house. Margherita has drawn on her love for the Italian culture to design every space of the interior in sleek whites and blues – everything is minimal and refined, and oozes Italian taste. The work was completed in collaboration with the London based artist and set designer Petra Storrs. No detail has been looked over and no surface ignored – the whole building has been rediscovered as a giant Italian work of art.

Margherita Missoni House of Peroni
Margherita Missoni House of Peroni.

Storrs has previously worked with Lady Gaga, Birdy and Florence and the Machine to bring their visions to life in interior design, sculpture and art. For The House of Peroni she has helped create an immersive space that is both fun yet mature. ““It’s an honour to join The House of Peroni team and have the opportunity to showcase my love of Italy at the London Residency. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful part of Northern Italy, where I am constantly taking inspiration from my surroundings, and from the beautiful view I have of the Monte Rosa. Native flowers, family gatherings and Lucio Fontana, the Italian philosopher of art, all shape my creative output and have helped me curate the space in the next Residency”, said Storr.

House of Peroni - The Art of a Good Cocktail
House of Peroni – The Art of a Good Cocktail. Image Mel Yates.

The limits of how art can be displayed, and consumed are always being pushed in London. Resturant-cum-gallery spaces are regularly popping up across the capital, and their multidisciplinary and multisensory experiences are a shift towards a world where chefs, mixologists, musicians, designers, and artists stand side by side as creative geniuses that can all be appreciated simultaneously. It’s a creative assault on the senses. Why can’t food be considered an edible work of art, or drinking a cocktail be considered a performance? They’re equally curated, constructed and creative, and when consumed alongside art it becomes a welcome blurred line between disciplines.

House of Peroni
House of Peroni. Image Mel Yates.

The House of Peroni feels like a pop-up living work of art – from the sculptures on the walls that are abstracted forms made from dinnerware, to the cocktails and meals that feel every bit curated to create an exhibition like atmosphere. The whole experience is an showcase of Italian style. If you can’t make it to Italy this summer, the next best thing is dinner, drinks, ice cream and a taste of inspiring Italian artistic culture at the House of Peroni. Welcome to the dolce vita.

House of Peroni
House of Peroni. Image Mel Yates.

For more information, visit www.thehouseofperoni.com. The House of Peroni takes up residence at Proud East, 2-10 Hertford Road, London, N1 5SH from Thursday 19 May – Friday 1 July 2016