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Ice & Slice

March 17, 2015

LifestyleRestaurants & Bars | by Vicky Ilankovan

ICE & SLICE INTERIOR 3With the domination of the high street chains, it’s almost mission impossible to find genuine artisanal premium quality pizza and gelato. Sometimes, there are just so many Michelin starred meals you can eat, before you just want some of the La Dolce Vita lifestyle. Luckily for Londoners, the talented team behind Shot Espresso in Fulham have just opened Ice & Slice directly opposite their original store, serving top quality freshly made Italian gelato and authentic Roman-style pizzas.

Don’t even try to say gelato is just Italian ice cream to the owners though. Gelato is served 5 or 6 degress warmer than ice cream, which is one of the main reasons you see Italians enjoying gelato even in the coldest of winter nights. It is also lower in sugar, fat and calories than ice cream but it actually tastes richer and  with more intense flavours.

The gelato is only freshly made in small daily batches of around 4 litres. It doesn’t use artificial flavours, preservatives or added colouring. It’s stored in covered pots which helps to maintain the integrity of the taste. They only use premium ingredients at Ice & Slice like Yeo Valley organic milk and double cream, Granada Organic chocolate from Rococo, hazelnuts from Piedmont and Sicilian pistachios. Their range of flavours range from the classic to the imaginative like Salted Caramel, Aperol Spritz and their famous shot espresso. They even supply local restaurants and bars with bespoke flavours such as wasabi for a local Japanese restaurant.

Their Roman-style pizzas made from homemade sourdough are just as popular. Their dough is leavened for 48 hours, which makes the pizza base much lighter and easier to digest. It doesn’t get any more natural than their sourdough, as it contains no artificial yeast, milk, oils, sweeteners or preservatives. They also have cheese-free options for the diet conscious.

Their pizzas are available whole or by the slice – which is a great option if you want to try their different flavours. Must-try options include Mortadella: a heartwarming combination of Pistachios, Mortadella and Tomato Salsa and Tartufo which has the perfect combination of Truffles, Mushrooms, Spinach and Grana Padano shavings. At any given time, they might have 15 different flavours on display and if you have an acquired taste, they will happily let you create your own design even if you are just buying one slice.

For those lucky enough to live within a 3 km radius of their store, they even provide home deliveries too, so there is no reason to not savour their heavenly gelato and mouthwatering pizzas.


Baldwin Ho