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Imran Qureshi & Tomoaki Suzuki at Corvi-Mora Gallery

April 12, 2019

ArtsGroup Exhibition | by Candid Magazine

The rather elusive space of Corvi-Mora in Kennington, south London, has just opened its new show, a marriage of miniature sculpture work by London-based Japanese artist Tomoaki Suzuki and the delicate paintings of Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi.

Imran Qureshi & Tomoaki Suzuki Installation. Courtesy: The artists and Corvi-Mora, London

I use the word ‘elusive’ as the gallery is not only entirely unmarked and anonymous to a public audience, but they regularly produce no press release, which can be both exciting and intimidating, depending on the work involved.

Suzuki’s sculptural works are truly riveting, and with a micro scale, certainly balance out the potential intimidating nature of entering the space. It is not clear as to if they are friends of the artist, but regardless, the range of ‘characters’ we are presented with are enough to make us think of our own narratives for these tiny people. The accuracy with which they have been crafted is also a delight, as at true scale they would feel terrifyingly real.

Imran Qureshi & Tomoaki Suzuki Installation. Courtesy: The artists and Corvi-Mora, London

Their curation against Qureshi’s work must also be acknowledged, as the highlight is surely Suzuki’s tiny figure ‘Lucy’, a minute woman in a cabaret outfit with a no-nonsense standing stance, which if viewed at the right angle provides a human touch to the largest piece in Corvi-Mora, Qureshi’s stunning painting ‘Midnight Garden’.

The piece incorporates fauna painted in red with a rich blue background; the style and obscured colour palette evoke traditional art-making and most notably the merging of nature and culture. It is with this in mind that we can observe what a poignant pairing Suzuki and Qureshi are.   

Words by Issey Scott

Imran Qureshi and Tomoaki Suzuki at Corvi-Mora until 18 May 2019