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Inside Rolls-Royce Exhibition

November 16, 2014

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Rolls-Royce takes over the Saatchi Gallery this weekend in an immersive exhibition as part one of three live ‘brand tours’.

Detailing the intricate makings of the iconic motor, Inside Rolls-Royce takes a step further through interactive installations where fans can get a taste for creating their own bespoke model. Armed with an iPad, step into a series of nine rooms over two floors of the gallery which each focus on a particular aspect of engineering, design and craftsmanship; the first of course, is paint options, perhaps the easiest choice to make for every car owner, although having to decide between 44,000 options could be a bit tricky. Rolls-Royce present these dizzying array of option through a colour activation table – visitors then watch as their preferred choice of hue has taken over the entire room.

Moving into the second room, a flying sculpture takes place evoking a hallmark Rolls-Royce feature: the in-door umbrella. Eight individually bespoke umbrellas fly the length of the room, furling themselves by stages, until the last one slots neatly into the door of a Rolls-Royce Ghost – this is (as most luxury fanatics would know) to keep the umbrellas dry and free of mould…obviously. Affirming quotes are also seen across the walls from Coco Chanel “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” and by Sir Henry Royce himself “Strive for perfection in everything you do”.

The most iconic room takes on the form of the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ mascots, showcasing every silver adornment from the 1930’s to present day. Visitors can also take center stage through the interactive video wall which captures and emulates every movement by a fun light particle animation. Upstairs guests receive the unique opportunity to configure their dream Rolls-Royce Wraith, then race against friends or compete for the best lap time. A selection of the highly advanced technology stories behind the Rolls-Royce driving experience are also revealed on touch screens.

The next experience celebrates the beauty of the natural wood from all over the world that adorns the interior of a Rolls-Royce. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the tangible walnut burls each weighing more than 100kg, which dominates the next room of the Gallery. These illustrate the highly skilled craftsmanship and various stages of a process that demonstrates the most exceptional use of natural wood in the world. Visitors can also participate in an intriguing multi-sensory screen that allows them to create their own unique patterns and comprehend the wonder of ‘book-matching’.

In the final room, a hidebound sculpture delivers a new perspective on the other key ingredient of a Rolls-Royce interior: leather of unequalled quality. This life-size leather-clad body demonstrates some of the skills involved in creating a beautiful interior as well as challenging visitors to find the hidden spot from where the sculpture reveals its true form as a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

The only fully formed cars you’ll actually see are the two situated outside the gallery including a beautiful vintage 1936 Rolls Royce and quite possibly my new favourite motor. If that wasn’t special enough, Rolls-Royce invited the Candid Team to one of their very own VIP nights with a special private performance with Tom Odell last night, given the brand’s new super cool status, this collaboration sparked a new generation of Rolls-Royce fans.







Catch the last day of Inside Rolls Royce at the Saatchi Gallery today!

Sufiyeh Hadian