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Interview: JAWS

March 3, 2015

Music | by Sophia Miles

Named after the psychopathic, gold-toothed Bond villain of pop culture lore, JAWS are a Birmingham band that alchemise the chronic melancholia of The Cure with the breezy surf rock of Dogtown. Their sun-drenched shoegaze made waves last year with singles ‘Gold‘ and ‘Toucan Surf‘, before they unleashed their dreamcatcher-adorned debut LP ‘Be Slowly‘ last September. We caught up with lead singer and frontman, Connor Schofield, to talk Lord of the Rings, Kanye and the delights of hitting the road.

Last time I spoke to you was at the Red Bull Studios event and you’d just finished your 2014 shows…What are you most excited about being on tour again?

Just the whole experience, I love travelling around and playing to people that actually like us, we really appreciate that! Oh and all the good food.

You said you were watching a lot of Lord of the Rings on the tour bus before, anything you’ll be watching this time round?

Probably Lord of the Rings again, might switch it up and watch The Hobbit.

What song from the album is your favourite one to play live? 

Personally I love to play ‘Home‘ it’s just my favourite song but I think as a group ‘Gold‘ is the one. I think it’s our most energetic song, the crowd 100% vibe off it the most.

Any you don’t like playing live?

Haha, ermm not sure, we always fall in and out of love with our songs.

What do you think about when you’re on stage performing?


I read last year you got your merch stolen after playing in St Albans, did you ever find out what happened to it?

It’s still a mystery, to be honest I’d forgot (sic) about that and we’ve moved on. We might take the story onto the Jeremy Kyle show.

Who would you most like to go on tour with and why?

I want to go on tour with Radiohead just so my mind can be blown every night.

What is the most embarrassing song on your iTunes?

Probably ‘Beauty and a Beat’ by Justin Bieber but it’s got a huge bassline so it’s fine.

Have you got any mad tour stories you want to share? 

I think the maddest tour story is that we are probably the most sensible band around. The things we laugh about most is when weirdos come up to us asking what drugs we’re on.

Talking of madness, what are your thoughts on Kanye post-Grammys? 

Well, the guys an amazing producer but he had no right to say Beyoncé deserved that award because of artistry. Beck and Beyonce both had amazing records. Its rude not to respect that and just be butt hurt about it for the sake of being Kanye West.

And finally, what can we expect from you and your sound in 2015? 

We have been writing a lot, it’s all spinning off in a few directions, but I think it all sounds a lot bigger, wider, fatter. A lot more sounds. It’s gonna be good. I hope!


Jasmine Cowler