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Interview: Orschel-Read Menswear

August 1, 2012

Fashion | by Danny & Josh

Hi Stefan, we’re loving your SS13 collection, what is the fascination with Lord Paget?

He is a figure I was interested in from the age of eighteen, when my landlord – a lecturer in classics at Oxford – gave me a card with him on the cover. He said I reminded him of Lord Paget.


What inspired you to research into the corrupt underworld of Cuba?

No anthropological study of contemporary Cuba is complete without an investigation into the political corruption of the island.


What films ignite your creativity?

The Rum Diaries and Bueno Vista Social Club were crucial in terms of visual research.


Do you think the 70’s decade trend is here to stay?

The 70s is very interesting in terms of the diversity of fashion. So much was happening in terms of definitions of masculinity as well during the period.


Your pattern-cutting skills are very original – how did you come up with the idea of creating hidden pockets behind the lapels?

I always enjoy creating details that are not always evident from afar; and therefore the garments evolve in terms of the viewer’s perception as they come closer – the garment’s features can be ‘discovered’.


What is your most prized piece from the SS13 collection?

My favourite piece is the hybrid Tail Coat in a powder-blue and yellow French Brocade silk.


What celebrity would you say is the perfect Orschel-Read man?

I would have to say Eddie Redmayne. I want to steal him from Burberry!


What made you choose the countryside as a backdrop?

It suited the collection, from inspiration and muse through to the garments.


What’s to come for your AW13/14 collection?

Well, without giving away too much, there is a nod to a British greats, in terms of music, fashion and muses.


Interviewed by Sufiyeh Hadian