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IT Ibiza: Where Italy Meets Ibiza

June 21, 2018

Restaurants & Bars | by Thomas Falkenstedt

IT Ibiza is an Italian restaurant on the Spanish Island of Ibiza situated in what could be referred to as the ‘Mayfair of Ibiza’. However this is not a fusion restaurant per se. It is a seafood restaurant with a menu of renowned two-Michelin-star chef, Gennaro Esposito, in the talented hands of head chef Massimo Larosa. The menu transmits the flavours of the Mediterranean directly from the plate to the heart. Later on this year, they are going to open a subsidiary in Mayfair in London, but for now, our Thomas Falkenstedt concentrates on Ibiza.

At IT Ibiza, renowned head chef Massimo Larosa supervises the kitchen and products as per Gennaro’s instructions and turns exquisite seasonal produce into the essence of southern Italian haute cuisine. The traditions of Italian family cooking emerge in an inspired menu of elegant and creative dishes. The location, the stunning restaurant and the food all make for an unforgettable experience.

IT Ibiza

All bread is baked in the restaurant, and the olive oil it is served with is a true treat and that alone would be reason enough to visit. It’s something to keep in mind in this ‘Mayfair of Ibiza’, which is surrounded by almost ten other Italian restaurants.

IT Ibiza

What distinguishes IT Ibiza from its Italian rivals is that the cuisine is rooted in the traditions of the Mediterranean. Every dish is developed to reflect their ethos of quality, creativity, tradition and innovation.

IT Ibiza

Sustainability is something that is highly valued at IT Ibiza, to the point where taste and quality surpass the importance of locally grown. Some ingredients just cannot be found on Ibiza and are thus flown in. With that said, the fish is bought from local fishermen every morning and it doesn’t get much more local or sustainable than that.

IT Ibiza

The IT Ibiza wine cellar is an impressive sight, fully visible from the tables. It contains a thoughtfully-curated selection of quality wines, champagnes, cavas, sakes and craft beer from around the world. Over eight hundred labels are at hand, focusing on the most prestigious growers.

IT Ibiza

The hardest part about Italian cooking is making the perfect tomato sauce – something IT Ibiza takes pride in serving. Made out of fresh Italian tomatoes (after all it is an Italian restaurant), this is as close to Italy as you’ll ever come.

IT Ibiza

The clinking of luxury yachts moored in the marina is the island’s natural wind chime. Across the rippling waters of the harbour, the majesty of Ibiza’s ancient walled city rises out of luminous sunshine.

IT Ibiza

As the sun sets, the view from IT Ibiza is just breathtaking with all of the colours of the pastel rainbow found in the Mediterranean sky. IT Ibiza is not just a restaurant. It is an experience combining people, music, location and of course, food.

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