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J.W. Anderson AW15

January 12, 2015

FashionLondon Collections: Men | by Candid Magazine

J.W. Anderson’s idea of ‘rejecting nostalgia’ takes the form of nit-picking details from every decade and pushing them all together to create something completely original.

From leather jackets with silhouettes from 60’s biker gang culture paired with 70’s bellbottoms with 90’s split zip detailing, it all sounds a bit confusing but when seen in the flesh it makes total sense. There were hints of Anderson’s now iconic two-tone turtle necks, updated with corduroy jackets and heavy metalwork adorning the neck. Another note on that metalwork – a nod to Loewe perhaps, with mismatched geometric and floral buttons on outerwear, creating an abstract aesthetic.

Correlating this collection with the Women’s pre-fall (a smart move for the consumer), Anderson carries on a colour palette of brown, cream, black, purple and red with hints of bright blue and green. Models carried the extrinsic accessory in hand, this season bore a chained spoon holding fool’s gold.

Apparently the J.W. Anderson man is a ‘free spirited thinker with an interest in pataphysics’, is this an inside joke or a paradoxical statement, one wonders? Pataphysics being the philosophy behind the realm of metaphysics – something that no-one knows or can quite comprehend, it was in fact a term coined by a french writer who was either a genius or who just really enjoyed his absinthe. Again, no-one knows.

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Sufiyeh Hadian