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Jack Davison Bespoke – Tailoring With A Twist

May 25, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

When it comes to tailoring, you obviously think of Savile Row. Not far from it, but yet with a twist of it own, you’ll find Jack Davison Bespoke. Nestled in the heart of the city by St Paul’s Cathedral, the business has been conceptualised and launched by young entrepreneurial duo: Will Davison and Jack Stammers. Not being one to suit up often, our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt finds the concept refreshing and worth a closer look. 

Will Davison and Jack Stammers (hence the name Jack Davison) wanted to offer something a little different to both the stalwarts of Savile Row and the traditional tailoring already available in the Square Mile. Acknowledging a lack of appropriate sartorial solutions in the City, the pair opened their first atelier in January 2017 and have been servicing financiers, creatives and the fashion elite ever since. They have a clientele of successful business, finance and tech names and are starting to acquire a VIP fan base too, with Rio Ferdinand, Richard Biedul and former Candid cover star, Oliver Cheshire having had pieces made by the pair.

Jack Davison

Jack Davison Bespoke’s roots lie in equal measure of English and Italian heritage. The offer combines modern styling with age-old methods and highly-skilled techniques that have been refined on Savile Row and in Naples over hundreds of years. The brand’s classic blazer blends tradition and modern techniques to create what they believe to be a universally flattering silhouette – they call this their ‘house cut’.

Jack Davison

Jack and Will have had the benefit of working in two key aspects of the tailoring trade: bespoke and made to measure, meaning they have cultivated substantial knowledge of restrictions, possibilities, limitations and advantages of each service. This is where they differ from their peers. They’ve harnessed knowledge of the highest level of made to measure and the highest level of bespoke servicing. 

Jack Davison

Both Jack and Will worked with some of the country’s finest specialist craftsman during their training including a mixture of in-house and outsourced talent from cutters to trouser makers, coat makers to finishers and pressers. These contacts and experiences proved invaluable, as the pair pocketed tips, tricks and techniques that under traditional circumstances would take decades to acquire. After thirteen years’ combined experience, they felt the City was crying out for some ‘Mayfair flare’. Having learned all they could they decided to make the leap and build something of their own – this was their lightbulb moment.

Jack Davison

Based on wants, needs and budget, the pair is able to steer clients towards the most individual, specialised option. The pair go the extra mile to make every client look and feel their best, finding out likes and dislikes around existing suit silhouettes. This, married with their own expertise means they can nip, tuck, stitch and press countless one-off garments, something that is much needed when you’re not a sample-size guy. 

Jack Davison

If you’re in need of a tailored suit with a twist, do visit Jack and Will in their cosy, as well as elegant, London showroom to see what Jack Davison Bespoke is about

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