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Jolin Wu, Perfect For You

February 23, 2019

Fashion | by Ross Pollard

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor Ross Pollard reviews the autumn/winter 2019 Jolin Wu collection at London Fashion Week.

“It’s like the complex mood of now looking at the future imagined in the past”.

Jolin Wu returned to London, the city she called home for a decade, with a triumphant collection that saw her add menswear for the first time.

It was a selection that took classic tailoring and blended it with the vibe of Asian streetwear to create a fashion forward approach that had the audience at Fashion Scout looking on with delight.

Monochromes were dispersed throughout the collection but augmented by selections of bold colours, royal blues, variations of red and more natural hues were collected together in a layered approach that will be perfect for the man about town.

Traditional lines were cleaved apart and realigned into new angles that inflected a movement rebelling against the structures we know. It’s a testament to the skill and knowledge of Jolin Wu, that she not only understands these ancient rules, but how to rebel against them without cliché or fault.

Mixing eras is a hard thing to do; mixing them with a vision of a future yet to happen is harder still. Jolin Wu is a conjurer of influences, the parts that may at the outset seem jarring as ideas are masterfully collected into a whole that resonates with youth and vigour. With some pieces it takes several investigative looks to piece together all that is happening.

These aren’t just interpretations of what the future may be, they are living, breathing men from the future sent back to put on a show, and I am here for this. I, as a normal grump of Eeyore stature, could live the rest of my days a happy happy man like Tigger in that wide-lapelled blue coat.

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