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Josh Cuthbert: The Model Musician

January 29, 2016

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

Josh Cuthbert 1.5
Jacket by Katie Biggs, sweatshirt by Bianca Saunders, jeans by Topman

The West End musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, was Josh Cuthbert’s first taste of performance and stardom. He was just 14. And at 15 he was scouted for his ‘pop-star look’. Five years later he auditioned for the UK’s X Factor where Union J was formed.

They didn’t win. They came fourth. But as loyal viewers of the show understand, that’s not a bad thing. To truly win, you need to lose, particularly with X Factor. (In 2010, for example, One Direction came third in the competition— now look at them.)

Josh Cuthbert 3
Jumper by Katie Biggs

Josh also happens to be signed to three modelling agencies on both sides of the Atlantic. Fashion has its eye on him, while he has his eye on fashion: potential plans for his own clothing brand are in the works, and with his new fiancée, fashion model, Chloe Lloyd now standing by his side, this boy isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Josh Cuthbert 2
Jacket and vest by Vera Voss

When did you know that you wanted to get into music? When was the first time you ever sang a song?

I grew up with a passion for football. However I always sang on the side. The first proper song I sang was auditioning for my Year Six’s play at school. I managed to bag the role of Scrooge, which was nice.

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Photography: Jayden Fa

Styling: Daniela Suarez

Grooming: Christiana Howell

Styling Assistant: Leanne Roche