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Justin Cassin Resort 2020

May 25, 2019

Fashion | by Warren Pasi

Candid’s Sydney-based Fashion Contributor, Warren Pasi reviews the resort 2020 collection from American menswear designer, Justin Cassin.

Over Fashion Week in Sydney, Luna Park (a vintage amusement park, built in the mid-30s) found itself host to the Justin Cassin show for some of Australia’s fashion glitterati.

All were buzzing in excitement to see what Justin Cassin had to offer in his resort 2020 show, which was to be shown at the Big Top Theatre.

Unexpected venue

As guests entered the theatre, they were greeted with not what a fashion week-goer would expect to see but instead, a set-up that you would more likely see at a concert – great for the audience who were down at the front bopping their heads along with the musical acts.

But for the people who were there to cover the fashion and not the music, the group of dancers gyrating on stage to the hits of Ariana Grande and Beyoncé – while very talented – did overshadow the menswear designer’s creations when they finally came out on the catwalk, which was over too quickly.

A lot to digest

The Justin Cassin Resort 2020 showcase was a lot to digest, especially after standing in a queue for well over an hour, and then along with other ‘priority-seated’ guests, straining to see the actual collection from the balcony.

Justin Cassin

What we did manage to see from our seats as each model sashayed down the runway was a collection of well-crafted everyday menswear pieces.

Justin Cassin

The styling wins the crowd

Justin Cassin’s own styling of the collection, assisted by Jamie Azzopardi and Joseph Romano, was what got me excited about every piece, especially the outerwear. Specifically, pieces like the silvery trench coat and the rich brown corduroy jacket which Jamie styled over a luxe-looking brown shirt tucked into black trousers, finished off with a jumper tied around the waist.

Justin Cassin

Confusing and chaotic

Ultimately, it was the styling of this collection that made it easier to take in the Justin Cassin show. Perhaps next year, going back to a simpler format like they did the previous year and doing the showcase back at arts centre, Carriageworks will be on the agenda, where the collection can be seen and not overshadowed by what was a commendable but confusing and chaotic event.

Justin Cassin

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All photographs by James Gourley for Getty Images, supplied by Warren Pasi from image.net.