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Karl Lagerfeld Guest Of Honour At Paris Photo

November 8, 2017

ArtsPhotography | by Thomas Falkenstedt

In Paris for the next couple of days? Seen the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower? Here is what is going on for the coming four days: Paris Photo. It is a photo exhibition of great magnitude and for its 21st edition, Paris Photo will present at the Grand Palais, one hundred and ninety exhibitors from twenty-nine countries from 9 – 12 November. Grand Palais itself is worth the visit so to speak, but there’s more to it than just the location. Supported by Eurostar you could easily visit Paris Photo 2017 from London on a day trip.

Paris Photo Candid Magazine


This year, Paris Photo proposes to visit the fair through the eyes of an exceptional personality, Karl Lagerfeld. A visionary and a cultural icon, Karl Lagerfeld has always been fascinated by the power of images and their evocative effects. “Today photography is part of my life. It completes the circle between my artistic and professional restlessness”, he says.

What many people do not know about Karl Lagerfeld is that apart from being creative director of Chanel, Fendi & Karl Lagerfeld, publisher, and book dealer, he also began working as a photographer in 1987. Lagerfeld has since received the Lucky Strike Designer Award from the Raymond Loewy Foundation, the Cultural Prize from the German Photographic Society, and the ICP Trustee Award from the International Centre of Photography and now, he is curating one of the largest photo exhibitions in the world.

Paris Photo Candid Magazine

The main sector situated in the nave of the Grand Palais is composed of one hundred and fifty-one galleries from twenty-nine countries offering visitors a complete panorama of the best of photography from the nineteenth century to today, with twenty-nine solo shows and twelve duo shows.

Paris Photo Candid Magazine

The Book sector will reunite thirty-two publishers and art book dealers from eight countries.

Paris Photo Candid Magazine
George Selley
Paris Photo Candid Magazine
Alexey Shlyk: The Appleseed Necklace

The PRISMES sector is dedicated to large formats, series, and installation works and is presented in the prestigious Salon d’Honneur on the upper floor.

It will present fourteen exceptional projects in a curated space. The projects of the following artists will be shown: Peter Miller (CRONE Vienna), Henry Chalfant (ERIC FIRESTONE East Hampton), Karlheinz Weinberger (ESTHER WOERDEHOFF Paris), Aurélie Pétrel (GOWEN Geneva), Junglin Lee (HOWARD GREENBERG New York, ANDREW BAE Chicago, CAMERA OBSCURA Paris, STEPHAN WITSCHI Zurich), John Chiara (JACKSON Atlanta), Katsunobu Yaguchi (KEIKO OGANE Mito), Klaus Rinke (KICKEN Berlin), Wilhelm Schürmann (ONLY PHOTOGRAPHY Berlin), Timm Rautert (PARROTTA Stuttgart), Evangelia Kranioti (SATOR Paris), Gilles Caron (SCHOOL OLIVIER CASTAING Paris), Grey Crawford (TAIK PERSONS Berlin), Victor Burgin (THOMAS ZANDER Cologne).

If in Paris, don’t miss out on this whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just want to soak in the creative atmosphere.

More information about the exhibition can be found, here.

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