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Candid goes backstage at KOKO’s debut gig at The Exchange

January 17, 2018

Music | by Candid Magazine

On Thursday the 11th of January, newly-formed alternative band, KOKO hit the stage of The Exchange in their local city of Bristol.

Last year we caught up with Harry Lee Dobson to talk about his solo music career and his new band KOKO. We’ve been tracking the band’s movements ever since. When we were invited to spend the day with them ahead of their debut gig in Bristol, we jumped at the offer.

KOKO Candid Magazine
KOKO’s soundcheck at The Exchange
KOKO Candid Magazine
Lead guitarist, Danny Clark backstage.
KOKO Candid Magazine
Pre-stage grooming with lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Ollie Garland.
KOKO Candid Magazine
Smoke break at The Exchange.
KOKO Candid Magazine
A quick photograph before taking stage: Harry Lee Dobson, Ollie Garland and Danny Clark.

With no music yet released, they have a diverse range of songs already under their belt, allowing the boys to well and truly own the night – performing all of their original music and getting the packed-out venue going!

Supporting acts included Bristol band, Summoned by Ashes and London-based band, The Gold.

“Some of the local bands who have been on the scene for ages came down to support us, which was class too! The music scene in Bristol is wicked and it’s amazing to see support from so many other bands,” said KOKO’s rhythym guitarist and lead vocalist, Ollie Garland

KOKO Candid Magazine
Ollie Garland, climbing speakers.

“It was an amazing night and the crowd was insane! The energy of our performance really hit the crowd and got everyone going,” added Danny Clark, KOKO’s lead guitarist.

KOKO Candid Magazine
Lead guitarist, Danny Clark.

Harry Lee Dobson, KOKO’s bassist and backing vocalist said, “We were all shitting ourselves to be honest, but buzzin’ at the same time, as we didn’t know how the night was gonna go down – seeing as no one knew any of our material or really who we were. But a couple glasses of red down our throats and the crowd getting in by the time we hit the stage, it was mental in there, so we just let them have it.”

KOKO Candid Magazine
KOKO’s bassist and backing vocalist, Harry Lee Dobson.
KOKO Candid Magazine
KOKO, lighting up The Exchange.

Ollie added, “We’ve been in the studio so much and rehearsing more than ever these last couple of months, so it was so good to show people everything we’ve been doing behind the scenes and really show what this band is about and where we want to go.”

It was the first of many for KOKO as their next two shows are only a few weeks away. Trust us, you don’t want to miss them. You can find them at:

Dog and Whistle, Hertfordshire – 15 February 2018

Nambucca,London – 22 February 2018

With their first single set to be released within the coming months and already creating a stir in the industry, these lads are going be the ones to watch out for this year.

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All photographs by Chloe Dunscombe.