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The Korres Fragrance Collection

August 5, 2014

FragranceGroomingLifestyle | by Danny & Josh

When thinking about which new fragrance to buy, our minds automatically go to the likes of Tom Ford, Dior or Paco Rabanne. Now however, Greek skincare brand Korres is making their move into the lucrative fragrance market.

Over the last few years, Korres have been quietly releasing their own range of fragrances. Whilst they are not all necessarily made for men, the Korres fragrance collection can be worn by anyone. Although it may not have been intentional, Korres are certainly bridging the divide between mens and womens fragrances.


Packaged in beautiful simplistic boxes and bottled in simple square glass bottles with minimalist labels, the Greek brand are clearly careful with their design.

With five key summer fragrances, they are the brand to wear this summer. Here is a run down of the Korres range (in no particular order):


  1. Peonia/Vanilla/Amber/Pear
    Described as one to awaken the senses and induce dreams of love, this light fragrance has top notes of pear, apple and bergamot with heart notes of peony, jasmine, rose, patchouli, sage and peach. Although this is a traditionally feminine scent, it has a distinct character, something that can be worn by anyone and which is perfect for a day at the beach.
  2. White Tea/Bergamot/Freesia
    Created from white tea– one of the most exquisite varieties of tea – this sensual fragrance is delicate, sweet whilst being complimented by bergamot, which adds sharp and heartwarming notes. A perfect fragrance to be worn whilst overlooking the Mediterranean.
  3. Saffron/Amber/Agarwood/Cardamom
    This truly is a timeless male scent; it is Oriental, intense and woody. It has been created from cardamom, one of the world’s most luxurious spices. Traditional flame-drying has given the spice a smoky flavour which works wondrously with this fragrance. The cardamom, supplemented by saffron, twists the spice with a honey, hay-like note.
  4. Vanilla/Freesia/Lychee
    With a strong Oriental character, this is quickly becoming one of Candid’s favourite fragrances. The vanilla gives the fragrance a heavenly light scent along with the addition of the lychee and the freesia add a certain sweetness to the fragrance, making it the scent to wear on a summer’s evening.
  5. Vetiver Root/Green Tea/Cedarwood
    Being the manliest of the collection, the strong earth and wood essences are certainly welcome after the lightness of the rest of the collection. Created using green tea, it is said to be aromatic and to help lead to inspiration. The green tea is coupled with cedarwood, which definitely gives the fragrance a strong manly anchor. This scent would be perfect to wear to a ball or evening dinner.


All priced at £30, available from Liberty (www.liberty.co.uk)


Joshua White

Image: Danny Keeling