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Lady Gaga Presents ARTPOP

July 24, 2013

FashionLondon | by Danny & Josh



Lady Gaga is always influencing others in one way or another and now the eccentric style chameleon, who has almost 40 million Twitter followers,  is about to bring the music industry into a new age. An age of ‘ARTPOP’, as she’s decided to name her latest album. Different to any of her other successes, ‘ARTPOP’ will be released as an IPAD, mobile and compatible application (WORLD). Its an album set to be hugely interactive – one of its main features is to provide fashion updates. Reimagining the works of artists like Warhol, it seems that Gaga will be bringing ART culture into pop.


‘An evening of artRave,’ is set to happen before the album launch and will involve collaborations with famed photographers Inez & Vinoodh, avant-garde theatre director Robert Wilson and American artists Marina Abramovi? and Jeff Koons. It all sounds like the celebration of a burgeoning fashion trend in pop art.


Haus of Gaga are behind the TechHaus, which has combined art, fashion and technology, with the intention of a perceived attachment to the lady herself for users. Exclusive tracks, games and magazines are just some of the features that will fill the app, with an option for users to add their own content.




Gaga is leading the way for apps as a way of distributing music, but mourning the end of the album experience due to digital distribution. One thing that’s hard to deny is that Gaga’s new project will demand people’s attention to the whole album.


While people wonder If Gaga can set the pace for a new wave of album-as-app projects from her peers, it is yet to be seen whether the project will see a resurgence of pop art in general. With Gaga an influential fashion icon – one who encourages women to be much more daring with their clothes – will the catwalks, or in fact, street style be affected? Will fashion lovers everywhere be putting their stamp on pop art style? Only time will tell if Lady Gaga will be turning the tables of fashion, once again – and this time onto a splay of art culture.


ARTPOP is available to pre-order from September 1st, with the official release date on November 11th.


Sakaynah Hunter