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June 17, 2014

FashionLondon Collections: Men | by Vicky Ilankovan


Taking their colour palette from the traditional Greek vase – black, white and orange – KTZ fuses mythology and innovation. Styled from head to toe as chic, urban warriors, ‘armed with technology’, and readyto do battle with all that the 21st has to offer.

Well-muscled models march out with purpose, decked out in duo-colour tunics with Greek-inspired pattern-cutting and embroidery; leather cap and visors helmets, patent leather patchwork, sequinned, or torso-sculpted armour and gladiator-style sandals.  No detail has been overlooked in the creation of this streetwear battle gear: laurel necklaces with sculpted Greek busts hanging from them and knuckduster gloves accessories the warriors.

However, in true KTZ style, none of these touches take away from the wearability of the collection or the overarching, recognisable KTZ markings and imagery, which have been seamlessly incorporated into the mesh, net and leather alongside the Greek imagery, and which bring modern and ancient crashing together.

While leather masks and helmets may sadly not be as easily transferred to the everyday wardrobe of the average fashion-loving man, the black leather caps – one embellished with incredible golden wing attachments, no doubt inspired by Perseus’ winged sandals – can be.

This season’s collection is a strong, bold, brand-defining triumph for designer Marjan Pejoski which will allow KTZ fans to realise their inner urban warrior.


Vicky Ilankovan


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