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London Collections: Men: TOPMAN

January 9, 2013

FashionLFW | by Danny & Josh

TOPMAN has declared an expedition next AW, giving their boys a complete wardrobe to suit their treks and travels into the wilderness.

The colour pallet began in crisp whites, reflecting a modernised gentleman of demure. However has his journey continues, no doubt somewhere cold,  as does his colour preference. 203376From whites, to creams, then to beige, slowly we have hints of tangerine until we are overwhelmed with heavy layering of spicy oranges, fucsias  and yellows, leading us to be absorbed into a realm of deep burgundy’s and rich blacks. The journey provides this young explorer with colourful elements that soon begin to weave their way into his aesthetics, as he grows wiser about his natural surroundings and worldly experiences. 203380

Shapes remained consisted throughout the show- with wide legged trousers (suitable for those strenuous hikes), thick fur-hooded parkas (equipped with all the necessary pockets and toggles), chunky boiled roll-necks, and the occasional unfastened printed shirt peaking out.

Accessories were not forgotten with oversized leather rucksacks taking the attention, each complete with leather hip flask, compass, and iPad case (because there’s WiFi where this man treks).

203389Boots in a variety of colours were laced and sturdy, ideal for the more harsh terrains; while roped sandals with socks were provided for the warmer climates. Of course this now experience Mountain Man doesn’t forget his beanie or skinny leather belt, nor tucking in his trousers into his wooly socks as he sets off to explore more unchartable lands.

Words by Stephanie Kukulka