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Le Fix SS18 – Happy Nothing

July 13, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

With its roots in Copenhagen, Le Fix is a trippy brand that seems to be on acid most of the time. Its SS18 collection being no different, gives us an upgraded retro wardrobe with the most suggestive items. Called Happy Nothing, the collection is all about the search for what actually makes us happy in our daily life, something our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, has high up on his to-do-list.

So what makes us happy in our daily life? The things we do often become known by heart, just constant repetitions, without us even recognising them or thinking much about them. Le Fix aim to pause the hectic city life of fixed routines to reflect on how to find happiness – even in the smallest and most trivial things.

Le Fix

This mission led Le Fix to the outskirts of Denmark to discover what makes the young generation, the ones located further away from metropolitan life, happy. Le Fix teamed up with director Ian Isak from Copenhagen-based production company Honeytrap Film to document the exploration into the simple, but happy life.

Le Fix

Ian grew up in the countryside of Denmark himself and has always been fascinated by the culture that is tuned scooters, techno music and field racing. Ian, with the message of ‘Happy Nothing’ as his inspiration, set out to portray these folks who us big-city people might have trouble understanding.

Le Fix

Being city kids or not, we all remember these looks from our earlier years, right?

Le Fix

Millennial purple is a hugely underestimated experience, which also is hard to pull off. If you’re one of the lucky few who can, go for it. The Biebs, by no means, has copyright on the colour.

Le Fix

Ian Isak, director of the video below, wished to puncture, confirm and nuance the prejudices, which pervade these environments, while creating a visually striking and rousing insight into the lives of a group of young and restless kids.

Shop the collection over at Le Fix’s homepage.

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