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Levi’s Xmas Holiday Collection

December 5, 2014

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

Perfect for the festive season, Levi’s Made & Crafted Holiday collection – entitled ‘New West: Outdoors’ – takes inspiration from the modern architecture and untouched landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Striking prints, earthy colours and fine textures are used throughout the collection to showcase the tension between the city and the mountains, the old and the new and natural wonders such as the Northern Lights.

The collection epitomizes Levi’s Made & Crafted artistry and uses the finest materials and fabrics to create garments which are wearable yet premium. Each piece in the collection has been individually developed and crafted with care – shirts have been hand sown using single needle construction and the seams in items such as the Chinos have been bound to create neat finishes.

The collection is now available to purchase in the Levi’s Flagship Store on Regent Street and at Levi.com.

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