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Live Review: EKKAH

April 21, 2016

MusicReview | by Sophia Miles

I have mixed views about Oslo in Hackney. It can be super fun one night and the next it just seems like another pretentious venue in East London, full of people too cool to let loose. Needless to say, I had varied feelings before attending the EKKAH gig, as from listening to their recorded music beforehand, I knew it was the type of music the audience wants to let loose to.


However, as soon as I walked in, my worries dissipated with the vibes of a good, fun crowd who were going to be up for a boogie, plus there was a disco ball in the middle of the room to add to the school-disco theme.  Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson make up the lively duo of EKKAH. They met in their hometown of Birmingham during a maths class and bonded over a mutual love of music. Their friendship is completely apparent in their on-stage presence – both have this incredible energy that only enhances the others and it makes people want to be up there with them.

The music is fun. Really, really fun. Nods to the ‘80s and ‘90s are apparent in all of their tracks, mixed with soul and funk, and they have the talent to pull it all off without it being cheesy.  One of the highlights was when Rebecca Wilson whipped out her saxophone and began playing it live on stage; the crowd went bonkers and it added another dimension to the night that wasn’t expected.

My favourite track was Last Chance to Dance – it is sure to put anyone in a good mood. The girls’ strong vocals were able to stand up against the pop hooks, fast pace and funky bass. It was impossible to stand still during the record.

Anyone that likes ‘80s, ‘90s, funk, soul, r&b or just general fun should check out EKKAH’s tour dates. They will be the perfect sound to a sunny day at a festival and will up the ambience sevenfold.


Words by Joanna Green