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London Fashion Week: Apu Jan A/W ’13

February 19, 2013

FashionLFW | by Danny & Josh



The debut collection from Apu Jan not only kicked off the Fashion Scout proceedings but set the tone nicely for things to come in the new season. Inspired by the darkest depths of the ocean, his exquisitely crafted knitwear-heavy collection portrayed both the danger and mystery, as well as the beauty of the deepest regions of the seas. From the very first look we were presented with elegant separates combining Jan’s statement knitwear pieces with billowing trousers and sleek dresses in a deep colour palette of black and charcoal. Pops of aqua and turquoise helped to lift the darkness and mirrored the contrast between the surface and the depths of Jan’s oceanic inspiration.




Monochromatic prints on chiffon helped to give the collection a definite femininity which were complimented perfectly by the heavier and more androgynous knitwear pieces. Floaty chiffon dresses worn with floor length black open cardigans were key, as well as oversized snoods woven into thick ribs which were an interesting hybrid of clothing and accessory. Jan has my respect for taking risks and presenting an obviously seasonal collection which screamed autumn / winter, something that cannot be said for other shows I have seen so far which were rather safe.




Overall I was impressed with the craftsmanship and elegance of such a dark knitwear focused collection, especially considering this is Apu Jan’s debut. Definitely one to watch for the future.


Jordan Porteous