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The London Sock Company

October 9, 2014

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

The age of technological integration: live streaming, marketing campaigns executed via Twitter and Instagram – let’s not forget e-commerce, the entity that began this plugged-in party. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. But why does this have any relation to socks?

The London Sock Company offer a subscription service; giving customers full control over sock style, colour, size and quantity – delivering them through the post on a monthly basis, and coordinating with this age of efficiency. The aim? To jazz up the modern gentleman, of course. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more gratifying than a shot of colour among a sea of monochromatic corporate outfits.

This unconventional but innovative approach signifies a fresh system of outfit refinement. Being style savvy is important. Minor details? Important as the cut or colour of the suit. Now that London Collections: Men has cemented its place in the annual fashion calendar, the pressure on men to be downright dapper has never been higher.

Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard established the company last year, taking inspiration from the Victorian era but with an injection of modernity. Co-founder Ryan Palmer divulges his conscientious approach to design: “Our focus from the outset has simply been to create the best quality products available. We invest time in product design, development and testing.” David Gandy – a male signpost for the stylish modern gentleman – wore the brand’s socks during London Collections: Men in January of this year. You can’t have a better patron than that: a signal of the brand’s success.

The sock is an unsung hero within the fashion world. Typically forgotten – paired or unpaired – at the back of the drawer, faded and gathering dust, usually flaunting holes: poor souls. But men forget that the sock is as important as the dickie and handkerchief. Trousers ride up to reveal mostly horrific displays of mismatched, tattered glory; destroying any style credibility garnered from that Savile Row three-piece. Pickard and Palmer are saving the day – so boys: no more excuses.

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Words by Lewis Firth