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Lulu Guinness Celebrates 25 Years with Hilary Alexander at The Industry

May 1, 2014

Fashion | by Danny & Josh


The last meeting of The Industry (the premier members’ club for the fashion elite) saw an exclusive talk with global handbag designer Lulu Guinness with fashion legend Hilary Alexander. Members battled against London’s tube strike to hear what the designer had to say about her staggering 25 years in the industry.

Lulu talked members through her pioneering virtual press day, in which she created a film for her new collection, put the film on a tablet and sent 60 boxes out around London with the tablet, four bottles of champagne and some popcorn – perfect for those who are unable to leave their office during press day season.

“We used to have the whole department store to ourselves – then everyone came along and decided to do handbags” Lulu explained that when she first started designing handbags, there was only a select few designers doing it, then suddenly all the big name brands such as Dolce & Gabbana starting doing it.

Offering advice to new graduates and those wanting a career in the fashion industry, Lulu stated that you should ‘Always say yes to everything you’re offered – you never know what might come out of it’. She went on to say that no matter what job you do, you will always come away with valuable life experience, such as learning to work with people in an office who you may not necessarily like.

Candid Magazine Editor-in-Chief Danny Keeling with Designer Sarah Angold and Celebrity Stylist Rebekah Roy
Candid Magazine Editor-in-Chief Danny Keeling with Designer Sarah Angold and Celebrity Stylist Rebekah Roy

Lulu shared that she was a notorious blagger, she would always say she could do something without actually knowing how to do it and would quickly learn how to do it later on such as creating specs for factories in the Middle East whilst working at Debenhams.

Lulu isn’t one to just give away her handbags to celebrities: ‘I like to gift bags to girls who do something – not just girls who are at parties’. She went on to recall the first time a celebrity bought one of her bags – none other than Madonna – Lulu’s assistant didn’t even know who it was until she was handed the credit card!

For someone who was attracted to glam and who never had the dream of working in the fashion industry, she has achieved so much and has so much to be proud of and to look back on over the past 25 years.


Happy birthday Lulu.


Joshua White


Images: Fran Hales