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Marny Godden: Flap ‘Em On The Gate

August 28, 2015

ArtsTheatre | by Harry Seymour

Flap ‘Em On The Gate is an hour long piece of pure and silly character comedy at its finest. The characters are relatable and recognisable, but off-beat enough to slightly throw you. Throughout the show, Marny’s charm, sense of absolute joy at being silly and infectious smile light up the room and bring an energy and charisma that is simply fun. Mixing slapstick, puns and props, the show twists through characters that each get funnier and funnier – and with a healthy dose of audience participation, everyone feels a connection. Candid caught up with her while in Edinburgh to chat about her show.


Candid Magazine: Tell us a little about your show and why I should see it?

Marny Godden: It’s joyous and lots of fun, introducing some very colourful characters; some of which are based on family members…

CM: Tell us about your creative journey as a comedian?

MG: I’ve always made people laugh. Starting with my parents’ friends at dinner parties and family gatherings by dressing up and putting on a show for them. My earliest memory is being made to take on Margaret Thatcher for my parents and their friends aged 5. I started in 2008 with my comedy troupe The Grandees and have been writing and performing professionally since!

CM: What inspired your creative journey to get where you are?

MG: Many things. The young ones, my brother, my father, my mother. Good music: The little rascals, the Marx Brothers. The encouragement from friends and people who’ve seen my show and loved it. I love the idea that you can make people laugh and brighten their day plus inspire them to do the same.

CM: Do you think female comedians have a hard time?

MG: Yes, I think it’s harder perhaps. But I’m not sure how much harder. I can only go by what I’m experiencing really. I’m loving being female and a comic, but it isn’t easy sometimes; but then if it was that would be pretty boring. I just try to enjoy the journey and not be scared to be myself or of failure as a lot can be learned from that.

CM: What’s your backstage routine?

MG: I try to sit in silence for 20 minutes and do some vocal warm ups and stretches. I also eat a banana.

Candid give it five stars.

By Harry Seymour

Marny Godden’s Flap ‘Em On The Gate is on until 30th August at Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe Festival.