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Exclusive Limited Edition ‘Rane’ Mac from Matthew Miller

April 17, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

We’ve all been there. However hard we try, there usually is no such thing as a stylish mac. Now there is, or at least, there are six of them. Six of them in the entire world to be precise. Candid’s Thomas Falkenstedt isn’t tall enough to be able to wear one as they only come in large, but generously gives his lengthier readers a sneak of the Rane Mac from Matthew Miller.

Let’s be honest here. It is not only the fact that I imagine being too short to wear this very limited edition of a beautiful raincoat that holds me back. If it’s limited, it’s sure to have a hefty price tag as well. You can stay dry while maintaining all the dignity of a dapper chap for the mere sum of £670. Mere, you say, well, read on and you’ll discover that there is a reason behind the price tag for the Matthew Miller Rane Mac.

Matthew Miller Rane Mac

Being exclusive to Coggles, the Rane Mac from Matthew Miller is a rare piece. The camel-coloured mac stems from a collaboration between London-based designer, Matthew Miller and Scottish outerwear label, Hancock.


Matthew Miller Rane Mac

Handmade in Scotland from rubber-proofed cotton, the single-breasted ‘Rane’ coat is seam-sealed with vulcanised cotton tape and a rubber solution for a completely waterproof design. With all these features, the price tag doesn’t seem all that overwhelming after all.

Matthew Miller Rane Mac

The Matthew Miller Rane Mac is detailed with contrasting red or tonal coloured, buckle adjustable belts that can be worn around the waist or also be clipped onto the back via carabiner clips. The coat features front welt pockets and a pointed collar with a buttoned throat tab that enables it to be worn up and reveal the camouflage-printed underside. It comes complete with ventilating underarm eyelets, a button adjustable rear vent and logo-engraved buttons. As far as avoiding rain, it doesn’t get much more exclusive than that.

Matthew Miller Rane Mac

To be able to grab one of the six raincoats from Matthew Miller, head over to Coggles webstore.

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