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The Merchant Fox

October 21, 2014

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

Banner picture Luxury British BrandFox Brothers counterpart, The Merchant Fox have produced a bespoke winter collection heavily inspired by the Fox Brothers extensive archive of cloth samples collected over a 300 year history of trading. Influenced by the English countryside, the collection magnifies the brands significant attention to detail with high-quality fabrics for suiting and casual attire, as well as adapting their culture to suit and casual accessories.

Lamb’s wool and cashmere are woven into woollen flannel, jacketing and worsted flannel for an array of Reefer jackets, classic khaki’s and dressing gowns (in collaboration with Budd of Mayfair). Vibrant pocket squares, silk and wool ties, pure wool scarves and tweed backed shooting gloves dominate the collection as the ultimate staple for this year’s winter trends, along with timeless sterling silver jewellery and tanned oak bark leather bags.

Fox Brothers originated in 1772 in Somerset and has since developed a reputable rapport with other fashion brands, recently developing wool-based collections with Louis Vuitton and Margaret Howell. As part of Fox Brothers, The Merchant Fox, launched in November 2011, delivers quintessential British craftsmanship with traditional design. Starting off as an online retailer, The Merchant Fox opened its first flagship store in 2013 in Somerset after a successful pop- up in Mayfair the previous year.

Heritage plays a tremendous role of the design and manufacturing process, with many of the work force following in their father’s and grandfather’s footsteps in the creation of the finest cashmere, wool, khaki and flannel in the business. Their distinct accessibility of developing refined clothing primarily for the online consumer is a stand-out platform in the industry and over the years has developed a customer base including many famous clients considered icons in their professions throughout generations.

Most notably, former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Edward the Duke of Windsor, Hollywood legend Cary Grant and comedian Bob Hope have proudly worn Fox Brothers designs.

British Heritage Luxury Cricket Whites Flannel London CF035375 CF035417 CF035449 1 christmas_fox Cloth of the month April 14 foxes_april52962 foxes001 (1) The Merchant Fox Gown, slippers and Globetrotter

Cufflinks from £130, pendant jewellery from £145, leather bags from £695, jackets from £780 and khaki’s from £325.

Visit www.themerchantfox.co.uk for purchase.

Jack Wynn