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Mö Studior SS15

November 11, 2014

Fashion | by Danny & Josh

Based in London and Stockholm, the Swedish studio and digital, art-led platform, Studior allows anyone to contribute to their blog-like space. Through social-media channels, anyone can contribute to become part of their creative community. The company also acts as a source of information for the latest and hottest exhibitions and events through the EU.

But their menswear brand, Mö Studior, expands on this art focus, taking inspiration from prominent movements in the art world to help inform their designs.

The strict and clean lines found in the Brutalist Architectural Movement during the mid-20th term “Brutalism” doesn’t derive from the word “brutish”, but from the French translation of “raw concrete” – béton brut – adapted by the British architectural critic Reyner Banham. It describes the typical aesthetic of such buildings with this fortress-like, exposed-concrete construction. Campaign imagery, styled by Saskia Costin-Weiterschan and photographed by Erik Lundback, reflects this characteristic, both in the shoot’s location and the outfits’ subtle ruggedness.

The unisex fashion trend, “normcore”, aptly fits with Mö’s collection; the trend is a reaction to fashion’s oversaturation of distinguishable trends. Which, really, fits well with Brutalism’s purpose: a reaction to architecture’s frivolous past. Earth-like colours and monochromatic tones juxtapose with each other, as well as the use of robust denims, cottons and organic linens – the latter being a recurring material used in all of Mö’s garments.

Sustainability is a core belief of the brand. Produced ethically in Nepal, each manufacturer is checked for fair working conditions and organic fabrics are used wherever possible. The brand’s approach makes a change to fashion’s conventional and irresponsible behaviour to production. The collection sourced silhouettes from pan-European sportwear and workwear to create 28 pieces, including shirts, jeans, trousers, t-shirts and light jackets. But whether you’re an avid lover of Brutalism or just a casual kidda wanting to join the normcore troupe, this is the collection for you.

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Lewis Firth