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Moleskine Nomad Collection

May 7, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

For our Thomas Falkenstedt, Moleskine was for a long time, only the name for a fancy notepad. Things change however and now he associates it with something else completely: bags. Practical, simple and spacious, the bags from the Moleskine Nomad Collection by Gabriele Pezzini are designed to seamlessly complement a contemporary lifestyle while protecting everyday essentials.

All Moleskine objects and tools are built to sustain creativity, enhance self-empowerment and encourage exploration and the Moleskine Nomad bags naturally follow suit: they are more than simple containers, they become constant companions on your daily journeys through urban panoramas and imaginative mind-scapes.

Moleskine Nomad

The collection supports your style and puts the emphasis on your needs thanks to intelligent design, versatile, modern materials and clean silhouettes that speak of the Moleskine sensibility and ethos which embrace the notions of travel and individuality.

The front pocket on the backpack, for instance, is not merely in and of itself an interesting design feature, it is unexpectedly spacious and as it wraps around the bottom of the bag, it also becomes a structural element which allows the bag to stand upright instead of tipping over as backpacks are wont to do.

Moleskine Nomad

The technical fabric used to build the outer pocket was selected because it can be written on, thus allowing the object to be uniquely personalised.

Not unlike the notebooks that are blank canvases to be filled and completed by you, the bags adapt to your changing needs and become enriched through you as you store your thoughts and ideas in them as they potentially become the seeds for future projects.

Moleskine Nomad

Essential and functional, the Nomad Collection allows you to blend with the city and provides you with the equipment that you need as you move through your active lives beyond seasons and traditional borders to a place of creativity, productivity and imagination.

The Moleskine Nomad Collection is available in three styles: a backpack, a medium backpack and a messenger bag in black, browns, blues and bottle greens as well as in an urban camouflage pattern in two colourways, and it can be found on their website.

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