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Nanamica Makes Commuting Vivid And Vibrant

August 13, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Although it’s been an ever-so-hot summer, the autumnal London weather is closing in on us whether we are ready for it or not. Perfect for the humid commuting season, Nanamica feature a range of ventilating fabrics across their SS18 collection. Having had some time off and enjoying summer, our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt is looking forward to getting back to the everyday hassle of commuting and shows us how to do so in impeccable style.

Designed with the commuters of Tokyo in mind, the Nanamica pieces featured below are made with a combination of nylon, polyester and cotton, enabling each garment to move freely and not stick to the skin. They also provide waterproof protection making them perfect wear for packed trains and muggy/ stormy weather.


Khakis have a strong image of the military and the outdoors, but are arranged for the warm and breezy ‘ocean scene’. With their relaxed silhouette they combine minimal design with maximum functionality and the khakis will subtly blend into your everyday life, adding charm to your days and happiness to your heart. Seeing it like this, commuting to work might almost be a mindfulness exercise.


The colour palette features variations on the current theme of khaki, as well as basic colours: beige, navy, and black, and for accent, vivid sporty colours: yellow, orange, and blue.

The contrast of natural and synthetic materials, different hues and surface sheens create a sublime gradation.


With the ultra-lightweight nylon GORE-TEX® fabrics, Nanamica has created two new designs.
One is a sporty cruiser jacket, and the other a half-coat that can also be used for work occasions. Within the minimal design, they have packed in functions that are necessary in everyday life,
so please try choosing according to your own lifestyle.


The combination of vivid yellow and khaki creates a marine style with a slightly new twist. The indigo weather series combines the coach jacket, anorak, and cropped pants with polyester taffeta in contrasting colours, transforming the classic sports items into a new kind of sports style. The vivid sports colours will brighten up your travel style and considering they grey London morning commutes, that’s just what one would need.


The soutien collar coat in durable water-repellent polyester taffeta has a relaxed loose silhouette, that when fluttering in the wind, shows a peek of colour-contrasting back fabric.

The work jacket has a cotton-filled inner liner that can be removed in warmer temperatures to turn it into a short jacket. The liner vest can also be worn on its own, offering various styling possibilities.


If only keeping commuting in mind, Nanamica has strived to make it fun to return to work after a long hot summer, but seeing these vivid and edgy pieces, they can be worn to any occasion, really. Add some kicks and you’re good to go.

Check out the Nanamica SS18 collection on their webpage.

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