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Neroli Voyage, the new scent from Floris

March 27, 2019

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Floris, founded in 1730, lays claim to being the oldest English retailer of fragrances. The company is even run by the 8thand 9thgenerations of the family. Their flagship shop on Jermyn Street in London’s fashionable St James’s is the same premises that were acquired by the original businesses founder, and on display in the shop are royal warrants to produce perfumes for the Queen and the Prince of Wales. 

The Floris store on Jermyn Street, London

Floris, with all their entrenched legacy, however, keep on the ball by upgrading their scents to match with modern times. And their latest fragrance, Neroli Voyage, is a fantastic addition to the family.

In a nod to the company’s founder (Juan Floris, from Mallorca, who began making perfumes in London to remind him of the smells of the Mediterranean) the regal perfumers have launched a scent which draws inspiration from the orange blossoms trees of the South of France, and by blending notes of neroli and lemon is reminiscent of a journey across the Riviera. Added marine touches provides a fresh sea breeze-like hint, while fennel, jasmine, ginger, oak, musk and amber carry it through from day to night. 

The new Floris scent, Neroli Voyage

Floris’s well-titled Perfumery Director (or the ‘nose’ as they are known in the industry), is Edward Bodenham – the 9th generation family member. ‘The Floris family have for generations been in the possession of journals written by Robert Floris while on his travels in the early 19thcentury, in the time after the Napoleonic wars. Robert travelled through the southern Mediterranean, sourcing ingredients, visiting family and seeking inspiration while his brother James and family ran the perfumery back in Jermyn Street,’ explains Bodenham.

Using these notebooks as his basis, Bodenham traced his ancestor’s journey while making his own notes about the scents he discovered – such as the aromatic shrub land of Bastia, which the locals told him reminds them of coming home. 

These then became the base for Neroli Voyage, which ultimately is an uplifting spirit, perfect for the summer months. With this wonderfully evocative latest addition to the range of Floris scents, they have proven once again that they’re top of the perfume game. 

By Alexandra Frances

Neroli Voyage, available from the 2ndMay 2019, £120 for 100ml bottle from Floris