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New Designers and That Awkward Discussion about Money

January 25, 2013

FashionLFW | by Danny & Josh


It is no lie that the fashion industry is fuelled by the rich, constantly consuming the luxury fashion that is available to them – the problem is the designers behind the new innovative labels are generally people sitting in debt from fashion degrees and first collections. With the many corporate sponsorship involved in London Fashion Week and other worldwide fashion weeks it begs to question why after being confirmed on schedule that the designers pay for the space required to show. Do the British Fashion Council wish for the industry just to be run by the large labels? For labels such as Burberry or Tom Ford they see a small amount of their budget disappear on the rental of runways which could equate to some designers budget for the year however for the new designers who have paid out for their collections, their PR and their look books to then have to find the funding to pay for presentations and everything involved in their presentations can make everything they have achieved so far seem ever so slightly less realistic.

Martina Spetlova in Candid Magazine Issue 6 Shot by PackardStevens
Martina Spetlova in Candid Magazine Issue 6 Shot by PackardStevens

Take the designer Martina Spetlova for example she has been backed by many publications including ourselves in the last issue and now she has done something which is rarely seen in public within this industry: she has asked her fans, her buyers, her press associates and of course her friends to back her for this coming London Fashion Week. With people’s help she can show her collection and her film at Somerset House. At the time that I am writing this she has already been backed over 60% of what she needs and with just days to go we hope to be able to see the much awaited developments within her brand.

Spetlova has decided to use the website Kickstarter which people in many industries call upon to ask people to back and believe in their idea. It works on the basis that it’s all or nothing, so if the target isn’t hit no one pays and the project does not go on. There are incentives however for backers, in fact Spetlova is offering tickets to the show or even garments for higher backers.

The question is what price do you put on the fashion industry being run by the big players?

To back Spetlova go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/martinaspetlova/film-presentation-at-london-fashion-week-february

Danny Keeling