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New Music: Anthony D’Amato

November 3, 2014

Music | by Sophia Miles

American singer/songwriter Anthony D’Amato presents his stunning new album titled ‘The Shipwreck From The Shore‘, released in the UK on November 3rd. D’Amato’s debut effort sees him enlisting the help of a few notable artists, including Matt McCaughan of Bon Iver,  Brad Cook of Megafaun and Jocie Adams, formerly of The Low Anthem. ‘The Shipwreck From The Shore‘ features D’Amato building upon the foundations first established by his own home-recorded efforts, this time letting his music blossom forward, establishing himself as a truly wonderful up-and-coming musician in today’s current folk scene.

Anthony D'Amato

D’Amato has created a fun album experience, with many songs offering a quick and energetic pace, through the use of folk music techniques. Each piece flows well, demonstrating lots of creative elements, and D’Amato successfully manages to vary the structure of his work – whilst some tracks are more stripped down, acoustic melodies are boosted by featuring a large variety of instruments including clarinets, violins and trumpets. This helps to keep things interesting, as each record is different.

Everyone D’Amato enlists for the creation of the album does so with great humility, performing and contributing to the best of their abilities to aid his own personal vision.  It equates to an album that seems to push the boat out a little bit more than its genre counterparts, giving D’Amato’s own unique blend of folk music a fresh and original feeling.

D’Amato’s main emphasis in his work seems to be his lyrics, which express his perspective on themes such as love and religion. His interpretation of these themes is broadcast very strongly, yet he never seems preachy or pathetic, instead appearing light-hearted and whimsical at times. There is an element of self-deprecating humour to his material, though it remains subtle in the places it appears.

D’Amato intelligently weaves together words in a simplistic way, which is very effective and enjoyable. He is not afraid of stripping himself bare, and takes inspiration from points in his life, regardless of how personal they may seem. Far from establishing a feeling of awkwardness, the product is intimate, giving the music a warm, welcoming result. Combined with the upbeat tempo of the compositions themselves, the finished album showcases D’Amato’s talents to great lengths.

Antony D’Amato might perhaps be offering up a somewhat typical modern folk album in some respects, but it is his passionate method of presentation that gives ‘The Shipwreck From The Shore‘ many of its strengths. D’Amato demonstrates a great understanding of song writing techniques, managing to tap into what makes his own sound special in a very subtle way. A fine debut effort for this breakthrough musician.


Gareth Watkin

Photography by Jim Wright