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New Music: Billie Black x Mura Masa

September 10, 2014

Music | by Sophia Miles

Billie Black lends her velvet vocals to an upbeat release, teaming with producer Mura Masa (real name Alex Crossan) to give us the soulful but summery ‘This Simple Pleasure’.  Autumn may be approaching, but songs like this leave the billie black 2previous season lingering in the ears, and make rainy commutes to the office that little bit easier. Each successful individually within the industry,  Billie Black is a product of The Brit School, and Mura Musa’s debut mixtape ‘Soundtrack To A Death’ is released in November. Their joint effort emphasises the palpable ability of each.


The collaboration is its own entity, not just a heavy dose of one artist and a few sprinklings of the other; it stands alone as a well crafted composition, which speaks volumes of the talent that went into it. In the past when two artists have worked together, they have sometimes collided, with one feeling more dominant on the track and the other simply swaying in the background with the occasional contribution. In ‘This Simple Pleasure’, it is evident that both the two musicians found common ground and a way to create something unique, as opposed to battling to be seen over the other.

The most surprising thing about this single is the age of the artists. A collaboration of this quality is rarely seen by two such young performers, yet at just nineteen and eighteen, Black and Mura Masa have made it clear that age is no boundary to soulful, sophisticated music.


The catchy energy of the release mixed with Black’s mature vocals make it the kind of track that fits on anybody’s playlist, perfect for a night in with friends and wine, or a cool down at the gym. It is unusual that a song is able to blend so seamlessly into the many aspects of its audience’s lives, but ‘This Simple Pleasure’ is the kind of effortless listening pleasure that works in any setting.


Ashli Hollister