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New Music: Bipolar Sunshine

January 25, 2015

Music | by Sophia Miles

Manchester born and bred Adio Marchant, past co-vocalist with the city’s six-piece Kid British, looks to build on the success of three EP releases to date under the pertinent pseudonym of Bipolar Sunshine, with the recent unveiling of his latest single ‘Daydreamer’.

An intoxicating convergence of solemn lyrical anguish played out alongside rousing choruses of escapist charm provided the alluring foundation for last year’s alternative pop singles, ‘Where Did The Love Go’ and ‘Deckchairs On The Moon’, on the back of which Marchant has developed a steadily devoted following.

Bipolar sunshine

Having already soundtracked the BBC 2015 TV promo and received extensive Radio 1 airtime, ‘Daydreamer’ builds on this refreshingly contrasting template with a remix goldmine, comprising a sub 3-minute all-encompassing soundscape highlighting all the finer elements of the aforementioned tracks.

Pulsating new-age synth provides the ambient layering from which a delicate piano riff chimes in, whereafter Marchant’s engagingly affecting vocals convey raw sentiments of romantic disengagement in the lines ‘Silent seas, howling dogs, You and me, cut from a different cloth’.

A transition into upbeat 80’s disco rhythm complete with clapping drum beats indicate a desire to fulfil idealistic intentions where Marchant cries, ‘I’m gonna take this one step further’ in which it is implored that this elusive lover takes a chance on his affections.

The verse continues to ascend into an expansive piano led chorus comprising delicately constructed and genuinely heartfelt lyrical depth, where aspirations of cosmic escape to far flung planets continues to be an endearing theme underpinning much of Marchant’s work to date. This segues into a closing bridge where desperate frustration can be felt in the lines ‘What’re you running for, who you running ‘round for?’.Bipolar 2

This latest insight into the fruits of Marchant’s debut album recording sessions provides further proof that this much touted talent of 2014 has the potential to truly break out in the new year.

The unwavering sense of hope and optimism in the choral cries of ‘Daydreamer’ will be echoed in the thoughts of fans awaiting his forthcoming March/April UK tour, inclusive of a London Heaven and homecoming Manchester The Ritz gig, with the live unearthing of a future alt-pop luminary an increasingly likely prospect.


Jamie Boyd