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New Music – Diamond Rugs

December 2, 2012

Music | by Danny & Josh

Between them, they may have won a fistful of Grammys, worked with (and been) some of the most influential names in contemporary alternative music and performed for the President of the United States – but don’t call them a supergroup.

Formed after a series of drunken concert run-ins, naturally, Diamond Rugs is the new collaborative project between some of the hardest-working men in rock today, consisting of Deer Tick’s John McCauley and Robbie Crowell; Black Lips’ Ian St. Pe; Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin; Dead Confederate’s Hardy Morris and Six Finger Satellite’s Bryan Dufresne.

Owing much of its sound to Deer Tick’s raw, lo-fi stylings, Diamond Rugs’s debut single, Gimme a Beer, is a rugged, anthemic offering, which latches its barbs inside your ears and refuses to let go. On the surface an ode to alcohol as the solution to life’s myriad failings, Gimme a Beer could well join the ranks of classic rock songs that are at once able to form the soundtrack of the best nights of your life and the worst, largely characterised by McCauley’s bullish drawl and Crowell’s driving bass.

But far from being Deer Tick by another name, each of the members of Diamond Rugs has clearly offered their unique talents to the proceedings, being able to create something which is both familiar, yet fresh, and guaranteeing themselves a place on endless party playlists in the upcoming new year.

Due to be released December 12th, Gimme a Beer will be backed by a song entitled Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant and precedes a self-titled LP to be released in 2013. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins (Middle Brother, Deer Tick,) Diamond Rugs’ ferocious debut is the perfect introduction to a band with an ambition that levels at playing furiously energised, compulsive rock ‘n’ roll.

Michael Dyllan