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New Music: Elderbrook

November 21, 2014

Music | by Sophia Miles

Elderbrook’s new single ‘Could, comes with the announcement of his latest EP ‘Simmer Down, and he couldn’t have picked a better track to champion what is to come from him in the future. Elderbrook – twenty year old Londoner Alexander Kotz – is a self taught multi instrumentalist, and although the production aspect of his music is simplistic, he somehow brings real depth to the overall material.


The structure and form of his work is brooding and dark making an impact instantly on the listener. ‘Could’ shows all round what this artist can do, both in his singing and his technical talent. His distinctive vocals are folksy, and hauntingly echo over the composition causing comparisons to be drawn with the likes of artists such as Alt-J. He then uses trance style electronic beats to underline the song, giving an edge to the record.

When first starting out, inspired by hip hop, Elderbrook experimented by using movie samples and singing over the basslines and beats, creating the origins of what has developed into the more electronic sound he has today. His pieces are predominantly down tempo, showcasing a bass heavy foundation moved along by hip hop infused percussion, which can also be seen in the other offering on the EP, ‘Rewinding’.

As well as the aforementioned similarity to Alt-J, there are also hints of modern house giants Disclosure, making for promising listening; and fans of folksy electronic music will find ‘Simmer Down’ right up their street.

Having already worked with Wayward and Karma Kid, his new EP will no doubt put him on the list of artists to watch. Released on Black Butter Records this coming Monday (November 24th) this singer/producer brings something different to the mix and it will be interesting to see how he develops as an artist as we embark on 2015.


Lauren E Hewitt