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New Music: Frances

December 5, 2015

MusicReview | by Sophia Miles

Borrowed Time is the new release from British singer-songwriter Frances. The single, written with Howard Lawrence (one half of the duo that is Disclosure) is an upbeat electro pop hit. The track deviates from the sound we would normally associate with Frances as an artist – her first record Let It Out was a minimal acoustic piano piece that really showcased her stunning vocals – but like we have seen from Disclosure’s most recent collaborations with the likes of Lorde and Sam Smith, getting a singer to step out of their comfort zone is something these guys do very well and to much success.


The single itself features synths and electronic pop aspects and the use of dance music beats showcases the typical Disclosure style, a definite input by Howard on the track. What is great with this is that although it is much more heavily produced than previous Frances material they have still enabled it so her smooth beautiful vocals are given their full recognition, whilst still making it upbeat enough that it can be danced to in a club or a car when no one is looking. As an artist, comparisons could be drawn to early Ellie Goulding, and with this new more electronic inspired direction it seems she may be heading in Goulding’s extremely successful footsteps.

Although still a relative newcomer, Frances has already made an appearance in the coveted BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Despite being a last minute replacement, her vocals stunned with her performances of Let It Out and a rendition of Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean?. She has also now been announced as on the list for BBC Sound of 2016 which features previous alumni such as Adele, Years and Years and Haim, boding well for this blossoming soloist, and suggesting good things for the year ahead. The track Borrowed Time is released on January 15th on Capitol Records.


Words by Lauren E. Hewitt