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New Music: The Fuse

September 7, 2014

Music | by Sophia Miles

The Fuse are a band that are out of place. Out of place in time, out of place in genre and out of place in description. Such is their talent for straddling the periphery of a wealth of influence; it makes nailing down a solid description of their sound a little oblique.

Take for example their latest track ‘Reload’ from their forthcoming album. It opens with the sort of punchy, simplistic drumbeat and jangly guitars heard in so many indie rock tunes of the early noughties that you can almost picture the skinny jeans and porkpie hats worn in ironic/non-ironic fashion whilst the crowd all drink pseudo-cider sugar water from Sweden. But it builds, and continues to build, into some sort of anthemic display of melodious ‘80s nostalgia in amongst a cloud of ‘OH’s’ (incidentally a word that repeatedly crops up in their oeuvre) and power balladry.

FuseSwitch to the track ‘Black Lion’ and you suddenly have a song that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Muse set list, albeit minus the ‘Dr. Who’ soundtrack-esque weird guitar effects, and lyricism reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s ‘III’ period. Delving further into their modest back catalogue for a listen to their 2010 album ‘Freedom of the City’, I am faced with an eclectic mix of airy vocals and keys layered over surging riffs, combined with pounding basslines that might make you think it was a side project of Gary Barlow and that bloke from Coldplay if they decided to write rock anthems for stadium stalwarts Foreigner.

In any case, telling you that they are a new wave pop rock band is far too simplistic. They are an amalgamation of every band they have clearly digested then divulged. On the other hand, I cannot think of a genre they fit into more willingly, so perhaps it is the best way to describe them.


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