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New Music – Heavy On The Magic

July 6, 2018

Music | by Sophia Miles

Mancunian five piece Heavy on the Magic may have the infectious riffs, anarchic lyrics and clashing noise of a rowdy punk band, but it is all a well-oiled illusion. Far from adopting the typical devil may care rock ‘n’ roll approach, the lads donated all the proceeds from their last single All My Friends Have Anxiety to the charity CALM. Their work helps to support men suffering with mental health problems, and campaigns to prevent male suicide; an issue which is the biggest killer of men under 45 and is especially prevalent among those in the music industry.

The altruistic nature surrounding the release of HOTM’s previous record doesn’t prevent the group from oozing attitude however. Frontman Chris Haddon’s blunt punk style vocals are the ideal accompaniment to the sounds the band create, and his bandmates Kieran Mcintyre, Josh Stewart, Steven Stuttard and Kenny Leather each add their own talents into the mix to create the ultimate cocktail of neo-psych pop. The video below of Hot Day In The UK, which came out last summer, demonstrates their obvious enthusiasm when performing together, as well as providing a slight insight into their political stance, a topic which crops up sporadically across their material.

Marketed as, ‘The perfect soundtrack to today’s frankly bizarre “post-truth” world’, the quintet exude an electric atmosphere on stage, a fact I can attest to having seen them twice myself (and I’m going for a hat-trick this evening). For anyone wishing to experience the gang live they are playing the iconic London venue The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch next Sunday July 15th. With support from their Northern buddies the post-punk duo Giant Boys, and The Rems, the latest venture from The Beta Band’s Steve Duffield, the boys are sure to mash up a storm. And the best part? It’s completely free!

Photo by Paul Husband Photography